Coconut Water for Everyone



Coconuts were first domesticated in Southeast Asia and were spread via seaborne to the various parts of the world. Humans first consumed the coconut fruit thousands of years ago.

Benefits of Coconuts

  • There are many beneficial properties in coconut. Coconut water have benefits known to aid human bodies for thousands of years.
  • Coconuts water aid in hydration. Coconut water are known to contain low calories and carb. The electrolytes found in coconut water help with hydration specifically related to exercise.
  • Coconut water also aid in the fight against acne due to its antimicrobial properties. Consuming coconut water often will give you a glowing, healthier skin. The anti-aging properties in coconut water are a sure hit with the young and old alike.
  • Coconut water may help to prevent kidney stones. Studies have shown that coconut water might be an even better option than pure water in preventing kidney stones.
  • Coconut water may also support heart health. Research has shown that coconut water can help to reduce cholesterol. Coconut water serves the same purpose as avocado in reducing cholesterol.

How Coconut water are consumed
Coconut water can be enjoyed anytime of the day. They can be in the form of boring coconut water, delightable coconut shakes, coconut smoothies or in repackaged form.

  • The no-frills method is to water coconut water straight from the fruit itself.
  • Coconut water are also found in attractive packs as a pick-me-up in supermarket.
  • Coconut water can also be mixed with coconut flesh to be served up as delicious coconut shakes that has more flavour.
  • Mixing syrup, coconut flesh and Coconut water can also produce a delicious and flavourful cup of coconut smoothie as an alternative to the boring transparent water.

Where to get our coconut water in Singapore
A helping of coconut water can be found almost everywhere. Coconut water can be found in shopping malls such as Paya Lebar.

  • The adventurous ones can climb coconut trees found along the coast to get the fruit.
  • Coconut fruits can be found in most supermarkets in Singapore.
  • Coconut water are available in fruit stalls found in hawker centres all over the island.
  • Coconut water are also offered along pop-up stores on special occasions or venues such as Little India on Deepavali, “Pasar malam” in the heartlands.
  • Coconut water are also offer as shakes and smoothies in shopping malls all over the island. You can find coconut water in various forms from these outlets, both in the city centre, heartland malls or city fringe such as Paya Lebar.

The challenges of getting a nice cup of coconut water
Coconut water, with all its benefits, is sometimes difficult to get.

  • Coconut fruit is very heavy and bulky. It is not practical to buy in bulk and store them just to have a quick fix of coconut water.
  • Extracting coconut water from the fruit requires tool, technique and is laborious.
  • Coconut water found prepacked in supermarket has added sugar and their nutritious value is questionable.
  • Coconut water sold in hawker centres are usually the old coconuts and have been left in store for while. Their freshness is not a guarantee.
  • Coconut water sold in malls can be both nutritious and tasty if you know the ingredients used to prepare your water. A sugar free coconut water is what you should aim for to get the maximum nutritious value. Do also make sure that the coconuts are young and fresh such as the one offered by Cocosan in Paya Lebar.

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