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What’s the Difference Between Shakes and Smoothies?‍

June holidays are still going on & you may look for ways to quench your thirst in the tropical climate of Singapore. With the accessibility of purchasing shakes and smoothies in your area, you might wonder to yourself. What’s the difference between the two? So today, we’ll look at each one.

A cup of Coconut Shake

What are shakes made of?

Shakes are usually thicker than smoothies because they use milk or other liquids as their bases.

While they made smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables, shakes often add protein powders, supplements, and other ingredients; to make it as their post-work out snack, but it might affect the flavor either beneficially or badly.

Some shakes are made with milk or yogurt, but some replace dairy milk with alternative milk options such as coconut milk and avocado milk.

A cup of mango smoothie

What are smoothies made of?

A smoothie is not a shake. Smoothies is a thick, blended beverage made from pureed fruits, vegetables and liquids.

Their liquid base starts with either yogurt, milk or juice, but they can make some from all fruits or vegetables. They can add grains and oatmeal to make the smoothies thicker.

They also have less protein. It’s a good thing if you have issues with your stomach. Additional flavors, such as honey or protein powder for added nutrition, but the taste may vary.

They used smoothies for meal replacement, served as snacks or breakfast.

Difference between shakes and smoothies

Shakes can include any ingredients you like, but they’re often made with milk, protein powders, and sweeteners. Some people added supplements like vitamins and minerals to make it as a post-workout snack. While others who are lactose intolerant, replace dairy milk with alternative milk options such as coconut milk or avocado milk.

There are things to consider when making a smoothie. Fruits are often better for you than vegetables because they’re higher in sugar. You can also use protein powders and supplements. However, limit how often you add certain ingredients. One exception is vegetables. You can add vegetables to your smoothies any time because they’re high in vitamins and minerals.

Differences in Nutrition

Shakes – Because shakes can include almost any ingredients, there’s a wide range of nutritional values. Some shakes are high in vitamins and others are high in sugar. If you’re drinking a high-protein shake, you may also need to consume more water than usual since protein can make you more hydrated. Like other protein-rich foods, you may also experience an increase in gas and bloating.

Smoothies – The nutritional value of smoothies will depend on the ingredients you use. If you make your smoothies with mostly vegetables, they can be very healthy. However, if you add too many high-sugar fruits, your smoothie can be high in sugar.

Where to get Shakes and Smoothies in Singapore

If you want to get your shakes or smoothies to either quench your thirst or hit your nutritional needs. You can find both shakes and smoothies in shopping malls, such as Paya Lebar Square or Paya Lebar Quarter Mall.

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