Coconut Purple Rice Shake

  • 29/04/2022


Purple Rice is originally inspired by the traditional Nyonya dessert flavour parings.

Each cup of coconut purple rice shake (500ml) contains 45g of purple rice

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CocoSan Coconut Purple Rice Shake

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Nutritional value of 100g of purple Rice

Energy (Calories): 356

Protein (g): 8.9

Carbohydrates (g): 75.6

Fibre (g): 2.2

Iron (mg): 2.4

What is purple rice?

Beautifully hued and packed with nutrition, purple rice is an ancient heirloom rice with origins in Asia. Its grains are inky black in color when raw. As it cooks, the grains turn a deep iridescent purple. It is known as black rice, forbidden rice, and emperor’s rice, legend has it that purple rice was originally reserved exclusively for China’s ancient emperors. This may have been because of its appearance or rarity. Purple rice was a difficult crop to grow, and

Benefits of Purple Rice

According to a study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, purple rice contains more antioxidant compounds than white rice. There is evidence that antioxidants can promote heart health and lower the risk of some cancers. These compounds help eliminate harmful free radicals.


Sticky Purple Rice is a whole grain, meaning the outer bran layer is intact. This makes it high in fiber as well as slightly nutty in flavor. Fiber is important for regular bowel movements and overall bowel health. Fiber may also help with losing weight and lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.


Purple rice is a good source of protein, making it an excellent addition to a vegetarian diet. Protein helps reduce muscle loss by helping the body build and repair muscle tissue. It also helps with cell growth and keeps bones strong.


Purple Rice is a significant source of iron. Iron is a mineral that is necessary for helping to make red blood cells and transport oxygen. It also supports the transmission of nerve impulses, which control body movements. Without enough iron, anemia can result.

Q&A of Purple Rice

Q: Can I eat purple rice with gluten allergy?

A: Rice is a gluten free carbohydrate, which makes it suitable for anyone who has sensitivity to gluten. People with celiac disease should be sure to buy their rice from a reputable manufacturer that takes care to avoid cross-contamination with whole grains that contain gluten.




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